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National Therapeutic Recreation Week: July 9-15


National Therapeutic Recreation Week, observed annually the second full week of July, is an opportune time to highlight the significant role of therapeutic recreation in promoting senior health and well-being. Looking for ways to celebrate? Here are some suggestions:

Organize a variety of recreational activities: Plan a week-long schedule of therapeutic recreational activities specifically designed for seniors. This can include gentle exercise classes, arts and crafts sessions, music therapy sessions, gardening activities, and interactive games.

Collaborate with local businesses: Reach out to local organizations, such as the library, community center, or health club to see if they would be willing to lead an educational session, craft, or fitness lessons that may be tailored to an older audience.

Showcase success stories: Share success stories and testimonials from seniors who have benefitted from therapeutic recreation programs. Highlight the positive impact these activities have had on their physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being. Share via social media posts, community newsletters, or even host a virtual or in-person discussion where past and current individuals can share their experiences.

Family involvement: Invite and encourage family members to join their loved ones for any and all activities. Spending time together builds positive relationships. Activities may include picnics, intergenerational games, or family-friendly craft projects that promote a sense of togetherness.

Volunteer appreciation: Host a volunteer appreciation event to express gratitude for their valuable time, commitment, and effort. Encourage the volunteers to share stories about how they interact and improve the lives of seniors