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International Day of Friendship


You may have heard the lyrics “Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold.” This sentiment holds true on July 30, International Day of Friendship, where you can celebrate friendships throughout your life, both new and old. Friendships enrich our lives in so many ways. Friends can lift us during difficult times and make the good times even brighter. Here are a few ideas how you can celebrate your friends today:

  • Social Media: Post a picture of you and your friend on social media, sharing to your community your appreciation of this person. Snap a picture together with your phone or tablet, or use a picture you already have of a favorite memory.
  • In-Person: Schedule a get-together with your friend, and enjoy time together catching up and spending time in the presence of one another. Go out for lunch or dinner and reminisce on fun memories throughout the years.
  • Letter: Can’t see your friends in person? Write them a letter, letting them know how much the friendship means to you, and how this person has impacted your life. Be sure to include fun memories you two share.
  • From Acquaintance to Friends: Think of someone you’ve interacted with this past month who you would love the chance to get to know better.

On International Day of Friendship, don’t be shy in striking up a conversation with this person! Not sure what to talk about? Ask this person about their favorite summer hobby to spark a conversation.