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Indulge in Self-Care to Reduce Stress


Stress Awareness Month in April reminds us to manage stress for our overall well-being. Recognizing the presence of stress proactively helps us identify its causes and gives us a chance to use healthy ways to cope. One of the best ways to reduce the effects of stress is to engage in self-care.

There is a large variety of activities to choose from to aid in melting the stress away:

Physical: Exercise, eat well, sleep enough, and practice hygiene.

Relaxation: Take breaks and enjoy hobbies, leisure activities, and time in nature.

Emotional: Journaling, mindfulness, and setting healthy boundaries.

Intellectual: Read, learn new things, engage in creativity.

Social: Spend time with loved ones, join groups, and make social plans.

Spiritual: Practice gratitude, engage in spiritual activities, and connect with nature.